Life in 52 Photography Project | Week One

January 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

2018. A fresh start and new chance to try sticking to my goal of capturing more of my family. I really struggle to pick up my camera at home. My guard is down, plus dirty dishes are mounting, there's laundry to fold, toys to put away... and my camera is never quite within reach when I need it for that perfect moment.

When I learned about the Life in 52 Project, it seemed a perfect way to be accountable to both myself and my family to intentionally capture our everyday life at least once per week.

We have our second child due later this month so I know things are going to get a whole lot crazier around here very soon, but I also don't want to miss a moment of it. This makes committing to a personal lifestyle photography project all the more important to me. I will try to post a weekly update to this blog with the hope that we'll have at least 52 days of family memories captured by the end of the year.  

Life in 52 is a photography project for everyone wanting to capture more personal memories. You can learn all about the project here.

Week 1 (January 4, 2018): Hide and Sleep

Madeleine loves hiding and pretending to sleep in our bed lately. When she climbed into bed and said, "Mama, hide!", I quickly grabbed my camera to remember this sweet new game of hers. 

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