Life in 52 | Week Three

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January 14-20, 2018: Daily Wanderings and a Visit to Ithra

With the imminent arrival of baby, life has been sort of on hold. We're temporarily living closer to the hospital where I will be delivering so this week was exciting in that it’s a whole new routine. We spent a lot of time visiting parks and wandering around exploring and you will see that in a lot of the images for this week's Life in 52.

A big highlight of our week was a trip to the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (also referred to as Ithra). While we were there, Madeleine loved making her very own museum exhibit at a children's event called "The White Cube".

Now that the momentum is going, I will be moving the Life in 52 project to a single gallery page with weekly updates. You can find the gallery here

DSC_3667-Edit-2DSC_3667-Edit-2 Maddy at park and outside of transient houseMaddy at park and outside of transient house DSC_3699-EditDSC_3699-Edit DSC_3714-EditDSC_3714-Edit DSC_3763-EditDSC_3763-Edit DSC_3766-Edit-2DSC_3766-Edit-2 DSC_3781-Edit-2DSC_3781-Edit-2 DSC_3793-Edit-2DSC_3793-Edit-2 DSC_3803-Edit-2DSC_3803-Edit-2 DSC_3825-Edit-2DSC_3825-Edit-2 DSC_3854-Edit-2DSC_3854-Edit-2

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