5 Tips for Taking Awesome Photos of Your Kids

Take Better Photos of Your Kids with These Five Tips

One of the top questions I get asked from parents is, “How can I capture genuine images of my own children?”

The good news is that I have a number of techniques and have included my five favourite tips you can use the next time you photograph your children to help you capture your perfect every day moments!

1: Get in Close

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Kids change so fast which is why it’s fun to capture all of their beautiful details that make them unique.

Fill the frame with your child’s face to remember all of their perfect details.

Freckles, eyelashes, toothless grins, shy smiles, and the twinkle in their eye when they’re about to laugh are just a few examples of features to capture by getting in close to your subject.

2: Provide Prompts

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Guiding kids to interact with each other through simple directions such as “tickle each other” or “look at each other” will often result in a wide array of fun, genuine reactions and loving displays of connection.

3: Make It Fun

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My daughter loses interest often and quickly when I’m taking pictures of her so it can be a struggle to capture genuine expressions.

By playing along with your kids in whatever activity they want you to join, they will often forget or at least overlook the fact that there is a camera present.

This image was taken while my daughter and I were playing hide-and-seek.

4: Play With New Perspectives


It can be very rewarding to take images from new heights and perspectives to conjure new emotions and see your children and their surroundings in a completely new way.

The next time you’re capturing your children, try photographing the scene a number of different ways and see which outcomes you like the most.

5: Keep Your Camera Close

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Sometimes there’s a perfect moment unfolding right in front of you, without any prompts or suggestions. Having your camera ready and available is the best way to ensure you will be able to capture that special memory.

I know just how stressful it is to learn photography when you’re first starting out. This is exactly where I come in! My camera classes are designed for parents just like you who are looking to master the creative settings of your camera to capture images of your family you will enjoy for years to come.

I would love to know more about what you need and learn how I can specifically help you confidently use your amazing camera to achieve your image making goals.


About Erin

Erin Clayton is a natural light portrait photographer specializing in family photography, located in Victoria, BC.

She is passionate about capturing child and family interactions and believes in the profound importance of photographs.

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