A Perfect Reminder

Here’s the thing…

Four and a half years ago, I took a chance and followed my husband to Saudi Arabia for his career. I resigned from a job in marketing for an energy sustainability program (that I loved) and said goodbye to my family photography clients (who I also loved), believing we would be heading back to Waterloo, Ontario two short years later.

Little did I know, moving overseas would give me the time to build the family photography business of my dreams. I loved meeting families from all over the world, weekend after weekend (except for the summers because, well, who wants to be photographed in 50 degrees Celcius heat?!) and learning more about their stories and documenting their experience living abroad. But then, last summer, my husband and I with our two children born abroad, moved to Victoria to start over — once again.

Which leads me to why for this post. I was recently talking to a photographer friend who I can open up to about all of the challenges that come into play being the new photographer in town, when it dawned on me: photography isn’t an option, it’s a calling. An unshakable feeling down to the very last cell in my body that I have to share my passion for photography with the world. I’m now certain that no matter where we’re living, photography will always be a part of my life, not only to create for the families around me, but also for my own.

Thank you so much for being here.

Erin Clayton Photography is a family portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Victoria, BC.