What to Wear for Family Photos

What to Wear Tips for Family Pictures | Victoria BC Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

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So you’ve scheduled your family portrait session and now it’s time to start planning your family’s outfits. Selecting an outfit for each member of your family can feel a bit overwhelming, but I promise it doesn’t have to be! The following tips will help you know what to consider when styling your family for your upcoming family portraits.

1: Consider Your Home Decor

Leading up to your family photos, consider how you want to display your family’s images in your home. You’ll want your family’s photos to complement the design elements and colour palette you currently have in your space so your outfits can play an important role in this.

If your decor is mostly neutral, pops of bright colours and patterns in your wardrobe are a fun way to introduce new colours into your room.

If your rooms have bright tones and patterns, you’ll want to wear colours that complement your room’s decor with your wardrobe or accessories to tie everything together.

2: Start with One Outfit

If you or someone in your family has a pefect dress, skirt, or top that just has to be worn for your session, start with their outfit and build the rest of your family’s wardrobe to complement that first piece. It is much easier to begin visualizing your family’s wardrobe with a single outfit in mind.

3: Dress Comfortably

Itchy fabrics or shoes that are too tight can make anyone feel off — especially kids. Feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear will make for happy kids and a smooth family photo session.

If you have new shoes or clothes in mind for your family photos, be sure to have your kids try on their outfits around the house a few days before your scheduled session to ensure everything fits comfortably.

4: Coordinate Instead of Match

I always encourage my clients to wear outfits that complement one another instead of matching entirely to avoid outfits that look like a uniform. For example, grays, blues, and pinks work well together as does maroon, khaki, and light blue.

5: Dress for the Weather

Hats, gloves, and coats are great to include for Fall and Winter outdoor sessions. Bring along a light sweater that can easily be added or removed for family photos in the Spring or Summer in the event of a chill wind. Layering in any season can add a variety of looks to your session.

These tips and more are also included in the Getting Ready Style Guide that you receive as soon as your family portrait session is scheduled. I also love to help my clients with outfit selection. You can send me pictures of your different wardrobe ideas and together we can choose the perfect outfits for your family photos!

The below images are examples from past sessions to help provide inspiration when planning for your family’s portraits!

Planning on scheduling your family portraits soon? Check out the Family Portrait Photography Details page to learn more or contact me to book your session!

Erin Clayton Photography is a family portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Victoria, BC.