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Photography classes for parents in Victoria that will help you master the controls of your DSLR camera so you can take frame-worthy pictures of your kids.


Is your DSLR stuck on auto? Are you looking to master the controls of your camera to take images that you and your family will love and cherish?

As an experienced child and family photographer, I’ll walk you through the functions of your camera that will have you taking better photos of your children the moment you leave class!

Level 1 covers the following photography concepts:

  • Fundamental DSLR elements

  • Exposure, aperture, & shutter speed

  • Depth of field & background blur

  • Essential lenses & focal length

  • Tack-sharp focus

  • Essential lighting techniques

  • Compositional strategies for exceptional images

Level 2 covers the following photography concepts:

  • Continuous shooting for fast-moving subjects

  • ISO, metering & challenging light situations

  • Single-point focus and intentional composition

  • White balance & color

  • Stunning golden hour images

  • Advanced compositional strategies for exceptional images

  • Fail-proof posing for siblings & groups

Workshops include a workbook reviewing the concepts covered in the class

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Classes take place at Erin's home in Bear Mountain (Langford, BC).

What Attendees are Saying About the Class

“I would highly recommend it for a beginner who wants to know the basics about how to get the best from their camera. The session was very interactive, getting the balance between me listening to information, asking questions and experimenting with my camera just right. “
— Sally
“Like a lot of people, I have a DSLR, but guilty of not referencing the mammoth instruction manual that comes with it, so I relied upon the Auto function and clearly did not utilize the camera to its full capacity. However, thanks to this course, I was enlightened in the basics and it gave me the tools, resources, but more importantly confidence to try other functions in my camera. I got an introduction to aperture and the subsequent outcome of your pictures, educated about shutter speeds and how to apply them and even what ISO meant and its effect on an image. This course gives you the building blocks to explore further and find what works for you, depending on how you want to utilize your camera. Erin accommodated our questions and clearly clarified our requirements for our individual cameras. I would highly recommend this course.”
— Bridget

Photography Class Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a DSLR to take this class?

You’re welcome to attend the class with any camera, but I recommend a DSLR or mirrorless camera – cameras with the ability to shoot in manual mode.

What should I bring to the photography class?

Bring your camera as well as a notebook and pen if you like to take notes, your camera’s user manual, and any extra lenses, flashes, or accessories that you already have. You’ll receive tips and suggestions for additional lenses and accessories at the class.

Is this class a good fit for me if I don’t know much about photography?

Yes! This camera class is designed for parents who are the beginning stages of their photography journey and are wanting to take better photos of their children. The course breaks down challenging concepts into easy to understand lessons.

Additionally, you’ll receive a detailed workbook so that you can continue applying the concepts you’ve learned in the workshop.

Can my child take this course?

Absolutely, minors over the age of 12 are allowed to take this course when accompanied by a paying adult. Parents who accompany their child to class will need to register for two spots with the second spot being 50% off. Please contact me to receive your discount before registering.

Will we be discussing the business side of photography?

This course is designed to help parents take beautiful images of their own families. If you are a professional photographer wanting to discuss business areas of photography, please contact me for a one-on-one coaching session.

What’s your refund policy?

I have been teaching this workshop for three years now and have always received great feedback from attendees. Although I believe that asking for a refund will not cross your mind, if you happen to be unhappy with your learning experience in any way, please let me know and we can determine an appropriate solution.

Please ensure that you review your calendar before you book your camera class spot as all sales are final and there are no refunds for any reason including scheduling conflicts, no shows, etc.

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