Wall Galleries

Custom gallery wall design services to help you display and share your memories in a stylish and intentional way.

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Digital files make it easy to share and store your images in this digital world, where displaying your images as printed artwork will transform your home into galleries of precious memories, to be enjoyed for years to come.

Once you’ve scheduled your family photo session, send me a photo of a wall or room within your home you feel would be a perfect space for a wall of your family’s memories. I will then put together complimentary wall designs using actual images of up to three walls within your home and the images we captured during your photography session.

Your wall designs will be ready for you to see and review alongside the images from your family’s session in your online proofing gallery. You also have the option to schedule an appointment to view samples of each high-end display product, including framed prints and gallery wraps at my home office.

You can learn more about how to send me images of your home here:

Custom wall gallery displays are designed based on your space and budget. Clients typically spend $1200 on their gallery wall.

Not a family photography client? I love to help with family gallery wall designs and would be delighted to create a gallery wall for your family’s memories - for any images that you have. The design service is $95, which is applied as a credit to your wall art order.

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