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Ordering Instructions

Below you will find a complete list of digital and product options available for your student portrait order. At the bottom of each image in your proofing gallery you will find a unique image number. Please have this number ready to include in your online order form.  By clicking the below product/package you would like to order, you will be directed to your order form. Please complete one form for each gallery and ensure that each form is successfully submitted before closing your browser (you will be directed to a form confirmation page). 

Please Note: Galleries (and the package and a la carte options available for each gallery) are treated as separate orders and cannot be combined with other student/sibling galleries.  

Digital Collections

Downloadable Digital Collections give you the full resolution image(s) via password protected download with the ability to print or share via email, post on Facebook, and print copies at your discretion. Please have image number ready. Click below. 

ONE IMAGE (VIA DOWNLOAD) | 170 SR One image in either color or black & white.

ALL IMAGES (VIA DOWNLOAD) | 250 SR All images within one gallery in both color and black & white. 

Digital collections for individual student galleries include (1) complimentary 8x10" printed class image. 

Print Packages

This of the SAME image (one pose per package). Your child's image will be printed by a professional printing lab using only the finest materials available. Want more than one package? Please learn more at the bottom of this page where it says "A La Carte". Please have image number(s) ready. Click below. 

PACKAGE A | 170 SR (1) 8x10", (2) 5x7", (8) wallets

PACKAGE B | 170 SR (4) 5x7", (8) wallets

PACKAGE C | 170 SR (2) 8x10", (8) wallets

PACKAGE D | 170 SR (1) 10x13"

Print packages for individual student galleries include (1) complimentary 8x10" printed class image.

A La Carte

Don't see what you want? Would you like to combine several print packages and/or additional a la carte Studio enlargements for the same gallery? Please tell me how I can help you by sending me an email ( Please have image numbers ready. 

Please note: A print package or digital collection purchase is required to order a la carte items, but can be of a different image contained within the gallery for which you ordered a print or digital package. One order per gallery, galleries cannot be combined. 

  • Additional (1) 8x10" | 70 SR
  • Additional (2) 5x7" (of the same image) | 70 SR 
  • Additional (8) wallets (of the same image) | 50 SR
  • Additional (1) 10x13" | 115 SR

All sizes are in inches. 

Printable Order Form

Click here if you prefer to submit your order via printed form.