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Ten Films in Ten Weeks

I took some time away from capturing stills to focus on creating films of family and friends. I love photography and cherish everything about it, but was in search of a fresh take and a way to look back at a time and place and see how the people and places in my life move, carry and express themselves.  

My husband, daughter and I currently reside in Saudi Arabia and this is not a permanent place for us so I want to make sure we have a way to remember this time and place where my little family enjoy many amazing experiences together. 

The following films are inspired and created through my time in Xanthe Berkely's Make Films Course.

For best viewing results, please be sure to select 1080p or 720p from the HD menu. 

Week 1 - An Afternoon at the Park

Week 2 - Video Portrait

Week 3 - Slide Time

Week 4 - Nap Time

Week 5 - Fun in the Backyard

Week 6 - Maddy's Cars