4 Simple Ways to Make This Year’s Photos Your Family’s Best

4 Simple Ways to Make This Year’s Photos Your Family’s Best | Victoria BC Family Photographer

If you love family photos, but just don’t love convincing your significant other to be enthusiastic about them or worrying about the behaviour of your kids, relax! Look forward to a stress-free family photo session with these 4 tips! 

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Save Time & Your Sanity

I’ve taken thousands of family photos since Erin Clayton Photography first became a business. Family portraits are immensely important to many, many people – whether to record milestones and family growth or for the perfect annual holiday card photo. While booking a family photo session each year may be a priority, sometimes the perceived hassle of the investment can lead to nervousness and … let’s face it … a bit of dread. Today I want to share some advice on making your family photo session enjoyable – I promise it’s possible! 

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1. Plan Ahead

This is one of the main keys to stress-free family portraits. Where is your location? How long will it take you to get there? Work with your photographer to select a location that isn’t too far from home (many photographers, including myself, will come to your home!) and fits your family’s lifestyle. Schedule your session at a time when everyone is at their best (read: full bellies, not at nap time, etc.). If you have certain expectations, share them with your family and your photographer. If you have older kids, let them know about how long the session will be. If you have younger kids, be flexible and make sure the time commitment is age-appropriate for them. 

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2. Have Fun!

Forget about getting the perfect shot; let your photographer worry about that. Make this experience about each other, togetherness, and the memories these images will bring back to you years from now. Enjoy your (relatively) uninterrupted time together as a family. Relax! The picture that ends up being your favourite may not be the one you have in your mind at the time. Have fun during your session and your photos will reflect that fun. Remember, if you’re relaxed, your family will be relaxed.

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3. Hire the Right Photographer for Your Family.

To receive your best family photos, you’re going to need to make sure that the photographer you’re  working with fits your family’s style. Of course I’d like that to be me (view my Families gallery here), but if it isn’t, that’s ok. If you like gently posed photos, your photographer’s portfolio should reflect that. You can find a photographer to shoot any type of style, really, and the result will be your ideal photos of your family. It’s also nice to get familiar with your photographer before the shoot in order to ensure your expectations are in-line with your booked session. It’s very important to know your style before booking your session; every photographer worth their salt wants you to love your images!

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4. Simple is Best.

Believe it or not, we photographers know that having your picture taken can feel like a lot of work. Work with your photographer to keep your session within a predetermined timeframe. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to the cooperation of your children (and maybe spouse!). Make the most of your time and ask your photographer if you can also take this opportunity to capture a few photos of just mom and dad, too – your kids will treasure these images, as will you.

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The family photo sessions I’ve featured in this post were taken at various locations within Victoria, British Columbia, including Island View Beach, Playfair Park, Thetis Lake and Bear Mountain. I encourage families to bring a change of clothes to their session so they can explore the beautiful area when our work is complete, and make their family photo session experience one that will be truly cherished. 

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