Fine Art School Portraits

Your child is fabulous and I have the pictures to prove it!

Welcome to the future of school photography. I work with schools to provide parents with natural, honest, and modern school portraits of their children. 

Fine Art School Photography is a customized, personal, and memorable approach to school photography which aims to provide a more meaningful experience for parents, students, and schools alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you take the pictures?

We shoot outdoors, preferably under some type of canopy or breezeway or indoors close to a large window, using a modern black backdrop. This helps to ensure the focus is solely on your child - exactly where it should be!

We work closely with the school to determine together the best possible places for photographing. Safety is my first priority, second only to ideal lighting conditions, which are best achieved by the use of natural light.

What about weather?

It is not likely that we will have to make adjustments because of the weather, but in the case where there is rain, strong wind or unsafe conditions, it may be in our best interest to use a space indoors where there is a large window or doorway for natural light. 

How do parents order and pay?

Our entire system is hosted online. Proofs are released for viewing through an online link, and all orders and payments are processed online. 

How long does the whole process take?

After we complete photographing the school, it will take approximately 3-6 weeks for proofs to be released to the parents. The order deadline will be listed for one week after proof release. Once all orders are in, products will begin to arrive 3-4 weeks later. We personally deliver all of the products to your school.

How many options do parents get?

We offer four different print packages and two digital negative collections. We also offer custom gallery wraps, and specialty print options. If your school wishes to provide sibling sessions, we can accommodate this as well. Sibling galleries are treated as individual galleries and the same product options apply.

What does it cost for the families?

We offer both print packages as well is digital negatives, where parents can print themselves. Our smallest print option is $25 and our digital negative options begin at $35. We also offer custom studio products, such as gallery wraps and deep matte prints.  

Do parents have to participate?

Participation is not required. We will photograph every child on campus, and provide proofs for each child we photograph. If parents do not want to participate, they are not obligated.

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